Latest Trends in Windows: Big Windows and Natural Sunlight

There’s nothing quite like a home bathed in natural sunlight, especially on a bright, cheerful sunny day – it warms up your home and creates a more inviting atmosphere that

How deep clean your cottage windows?

Part of the appeal of cottage living is enjoying bright, sunny days and beautiful lake views, no matter the season. However, you may not be making the most of the

thinking about winterizing your cottage

This year, like many cottagers, you may be thinking about remaining at your cottage longer than usual, perhaps even spending the winter there. A more rural environment can feel safer

Clearing Away Cobwebs from Your Cottage Windows & Siding

Many of us dread hearing the word “spider”, but these eight-legged creepy crawlies are a reality during the summer season, especially for cottage owners. Whether they’re leaving cobwebs in your

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