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4 Great Ways to Repurpose Your Old Windows and Doors

If you’re planning on replacing your old windows and doors this summer with something more energy efficient and higher performing, be sure not to throw them out. There are many things you can do with old doors and windows, giving you an opportunity to create eye catching and practical crafts, furniture, and more. Not only will these projects give you something fun to do during the summer season, but they’ll look great, catch the attention of visitors and passersby, and are a great way to improve your environmental footprint by recycling and repurposing. Here are some of the many great ways to repurpose your old windows and doors.

1. Potting shed made with recycled doors

If you’ve replaced a number of doors around the house or cottage, this is one of the best ways to repurpose them and create something practical in the process. This repurposed door design lends a brilliant rustic aesthetic to traditional potting sheds, which can be unsightly and as a result, tucked away out of sight. This project can be completed by just about anybody, and the end result is both stylish and versatile.

Source: Knowledge Knows Nothing (tutorial here)

2. Homemade headboard using old windows

Who says you can’t bring your repurposing projects into the bedroom? Turning your old wooden windows into headboards is extremely easy, and allows you to be creative in your approach. You can either replace the glass panes with fabric for an artistic touch, or leave the glass in for a unique look. This project works best with one large window or multiple smaller windows, and if you touch up the frame before mounting it – some stain or paint should do the trick.

Source: Homedit

3. Make window chalkboards for organization and planning

Keep the family organized and on the same page by turning your old windows into a chalkboard. This can be used as a calendar, planner, or even just as a space for your family members to leave notes and reminders for each other. Of course, this project works best with windows that feature a large grid, as it’ll give you the room to create weekly planners and calendars.

Source: Empress of Dirt

4. Homemade garden gate

This is one of the most unique things you can do with your old doors. Using barn door hardware (which can be purchased online), you can create a fully functional entryway to your home or cottage garden. Homemade garden gates look great, gives you some increased backyard privacy, and with the right hardware can be genuinely useful in keeping out pests and other unwanted garden visitors.

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Hacks to Keep Your Cottage Cool This Summer

After a painfully long and unpredictable winter season, warm weather is finally here. With warmer months, though, comes sweaty days and nights searching desperately for relief. Though you can crank the air conditioner or run fans day and night, this can come at a hefty price – there are plenty of cheaper ways to escape the heat. If you don’t own an air conditioner or are looking to save money on utilities throughout the summer months, here are a few ways you can keep your cottage cool this summer.

Control air circulation with your doors

One way to prevent your cottage from overheating is to close off any unused rooms throughout the day to ensure that cool air stays where it’s supposed to, instead of circulating throughout the entire cottage. Opening your doors during the night will allow cool air to naturally circulate throughout the cottage, letting you take advantage of cool nights. Playing it smart and better controlling the circulation of air will keep you cooler during the coming summer months.

Make use of window coverings

This is another simple but very effective way to keep it cool throughout the summer. Throughout the daytime hours, keeping your blinds, curtains, shades, and other window coverings closed is a great way to keep heat out, lowering the temperature in your cottage significantly and helping you save a great deal on utilities. This method works best windows that face south and west, and especially when using blackout blinds or curtains, which go a long way in naturally insulating your rooms. When buying blackout window coverings, be sure to look for medium colours and plastic backings for best results.

Open your windows at night

While this method may seem obvious to many, it’s often overlooked by cottage owners looking to escape the heat. Opening your windows wide and drawing back coverings during the night will allow the cool night air to enter into your cottage and circulate naturally, reducing the temperature inside and keeping you cool while you sleep. Be sure to keep your doors open to allow the cool air to permeate throughout your home – a great way to maximize this is by setting a fan by the window to blow the cool air around. Remember to close them and draw the shades early in the morning to avoid the scorching morning sun.

Take your cooking outdoors whenever possible

Your stove or oven can be a huge source of heat during the summer months, turning indoor cooking into a risky affair on hotter days. The best solution is to take your cooking outdoors whenever possible, taking full advantage of the warm weather by using your grill to prepare food. Not only does grilling keep the heat outdoors where it belongs, but it also lets you make meals fun and delicious without heating up your kitchen and the rest of your cottage.

Other easy and effective hacks to help you keep cool this summer

  • Run the bathroom exhaust fan for longer than you normally would after taking a shower or bath
  • Turn off or limit the use of incandescent light bulbs
  • Use household appliances at night when possible
  • Make sure ceiling fans are spinning counter-clockwise

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June 2019 in Muskoka: Father’s Day Weekend Festivities, Live Events, and More

Summer is fast approaching! June in Muskoka features a wealth of fun events for the whole family to help you celebrate the beginning of cottage season. Now that all the maintenance and housekeeping has been taken care of, you can enjoy beautiful weekends on the lake, attending events and making the most of the beautiful early summer season in Muskoka. From concerts and Father’s Day celebrations to hobbyist events and conventions, there’s something for everybody in the month of June. Here’s how you can spend your time in and around Muskoka in June.

June 15 – Carlos del Junco and The Blues Mongrels
Where: Peter’s Muskoka in Gravenhurst, ON
When: Saturday, June 15th @ 8:00 PM
Cost: $75.00

Hailing from Havana, Cuba, Carlos Del Junco has been called the Jimi Hendrix of the harmonica, having mastered the art of the ten hole diatonic harmonica. del Junco was taught to play by Grammy-winning jazz virtuoso Howard Levy. His playing has been called simultaneously sophisticated and raw, spinning not only blues but also ska, hip-hop, swing, and more. This evening of raw, soulful and sexy blues music is sure to be unforgettable, and will change the way you look at harmonica-driven music.

Don’t miss your opportunity to attend Carl del Junco and the Blues Mongrels. For tickets and more information, visit their website at https://www.petersplayers.com/event_post/carlos-del-junco-the-blues-mongrels/.

June 16 – Father’s Day Mini Putt
Where: Northern Escapades Mini Putt in Bracebridge, ON
When: Sunday, June 16th from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Cost: Free for dads, $5 per additional player

What better way to spend Father’s Day afternoon than taking dad out for a fun round of mini putt? Northern Escapades in Bracebridge is hosting a full day of mini putt, and it’s free for dad’s! Additional players can join for only $5 per person, making it the perfect option for families looking for a great afternoon out. Check out their Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/2413302015623741/.

Other Muskoka Father’s Day Events:

Father’s Day Beer Tasting Cruise aboard the SS Bigwin sponsored by Lake of Bays Brewing at the Baysville docks in Dorset, ON at 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM.

Father’s Day Car Show in downtown Bracebridge, ON from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

June 26-July 19 – Harvest: Comedy by Ken Cameron
Where: Gravenhurst Opera House in Gravenhurst, ON
When: Wednesday, June 26th until Friday, July 19th
Cost: $40 Regular, $36 Group, $30 Student

Running from June 26th until July 19th, Harvest brings Ken Cameron’s blend of sardonic and poignant humour to the Gravenhurst Opera House. Harvest sees a newly retired couple trading their quaint country life, leasing their farm home to a nice young man and trading it all for a condo in the city. The couple soon finds out that the young man they’ve leased their home to is growing a much different crop than they expected.

Harvest is a can’t miss show that the Globe and Mail hailed for its “memorable characters” and “deliciously sardonic one-liners”. More info and tickets available at https://www.gravenhurst.ca/en/explore-and-play/what_s-on.aspx.

June 29 – Surfin’ Safari
Where: Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville, ON
When: Saturday, June 29th @ 8:00 PM
Cost: $39.00

What better time for surf rock hits than June? Surfin’ Safari brings the hits of the Beach Boys, Frankie Avalon, Jimmy Buffet, Jan & Dean, and the Ventures to Huntsville for a fun-filled beach party show with plenty of audience interaction. Come on out to the Algonquin Theatre for a full evening of your all-time favourite beach party classics, including “Fun, Fun, Fun”, “Surfin’ USA”, “Surf City”, “Kokomo”, “California Girls”, and many more.

For tickets and more information for this sunny and interactive show, visit https://tickets.algonquintheatre.ca/TheatreManager/1/online.

June 29 – Walkers Point Marina Canada Day Fireworks
Where: Walkers Point Marina in Gravenhurst, ON
When: Saturday, June 29th at dusk
Cost: Free

Celebrate Canada Day early at Walkers Point Marina with a big and bold fireworks display. The show will take place at dusk, with viewers welcome by boat and by land. This year’s festivities promise to be bigger and better than ever before. For more information, visit Walkers Point Marina’s website https://www.walkerspointmarina.com/.

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