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Do I Need Screen Doors On My Cottage?

We’re all familiar with screens doors and the pain they can be. The creak of the hinges, the torn screens, and the way they always seem to close on you before you can get in the door. But if you have a good, well-fitted door, an additional storm door is completely unnecessary. In fact, most newer homes and cottages don’t have screen doors at all. One door gets the job done itself, no classic screen door needed, regardless of the desired style.

Smooth Fibreglass
Low maintenance and well-insulated is why this is a popular choice for both homeowners and contractors. Durable to withstand dents, it’s a great choice for high traffic areas that see constant use. Engineered wood edges and a reinforced lock block will provide years of consistent protection from the elements, guaranteed.

Wood Grain Fibreglass
Wood Grain Fibreglass doors give the appearance of traditional wood with the durability of fibreglass, combining the elegant detail of a wooden door with the weather-resistant and low-maintenance qualities of fibreglass. Plus, both the door and the glass insert are available in various styles.

Aluminum Clad Wood
Similar to Wood Grain Fibreglass, these doors offer a perfect combination of traditional style and modern durability to withstand Muskoka winters and summers. The aluminum provides an extra layer of protection for doors which may be facing the lake (think boathouse porch). Choose from a variety of colours, glass options, and brick mould and trim options for the perfect look to match your existing design.

Residential Commercial Aluminum
Energy-efficient and designed with wear and tear in mind. Residential Commercial Aluminum doors are built for high-traffic areas but with architectural detail due to a larger glass area than typical doors. Available in various glass finishes with flexibility of design.

Solid Wood
A traditional, solid wood door offers a homely and classic look. Solid woods doors offer even more variety than fibreglass doors, with a nearly endless choice of wood species and designs to pick from. Choose simplicity or elegance with natural colours, grains, and textures for solid wood doors. With a laminated core and a veneer exterior, the risk of warping or splitting due to weather is reduced.

Bigfoot Premium Doors
If you are looking to combine contemporary elegance with commercial-grade security, premium doors are a perfect choice. With a 3-point safety lock, two large hooks, and three powerful hinges, premium doors provide your cottage with the best security available. The special construction, creating an exceptionally firm and thick door, rounds out the comfort premium doors provide from the inside. 

On the outside, special LED illumination gives a warm, modern feel whether a guest is arriving or you are returning home. With a wide range of choices in styles, colours, surface treatments, glass and its treatment, handles, knockers, and locks, Bigfoot’s premium doors aren’t just the perfect door–they are the perfect door for your Muskoka cottage.  

No Need for That Wheezy Screen Door No matter your style of cottage or the type of door you desire, a screen door is a thing of the past that’s only good for nostalgia and one of the finest songs in Canadian history. There’s no more need to try and rush inside to avoid a squeaky screen door swinging shut or patching up holes with duct tape. With new cottage doors, one is enough, giving you the quality, durability, security, and design that’s right for you.

Retractable Screen And Integrated Doors For New Builds And Renovations

Expert Installation Of Centor Doors And Phantom Screens

Planning a new build or renovating to include larger door openings?

Centor offers the world’s 1st Integrated Doors that allows you the luxury of creating the perfect 4 season opening. With the added protection of integrated screen and blind, these doors will keep you safe from the elements anywhere in Canada. Available in a variety of styles — Single or Double-swing, Bi-folding or Sliding doors all have integrated retractable screens and blind up to 16ft wide. Maximum openings range from 34 inches to 30 feet wide and up to 9 feet tall. The undivided screen mesh is almost invisible when in use and will completely disappear when you don’t want it.

Centor Integrated Doors 2

With simple ease of operation, expand your living space or enjoy complete privacy. Unlike the traditional fixed type, Centor’s retractable screens roll into the side of its own frame to provide you with unobstructed views and fresh air as well as protection from bugs. Whether you are looking for a new sliding, patio or bi-folding door replacement, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape all year round.


Advantages of Centor Integrated Doors:

  • Stunning designs with a range of hardware to suit your unique style
  • Folding doors open up entire walls creating beautiful vistas
  • Screen mesh of blinds retract completely to preserve your views, increase ventilation and reduce air-conditioner / energy use
  • Patent-pending hardware makes for simple fingertip operation
  • Thermally-improved aluminum construction enhances energy efficiency

Looking to add new retractable screens to existing doors?

Let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out with Phantom roll up door screens. They fit all door types (including in-swing, out-swing, single, double and slider doors) and completely disappear when not in use. WhilePhantom screens fit most standard and oversized doors, two screens may be used for larger openings or walls to enclose a porch area. Backed by more than two decades of quality and performance, the sturdy screen rolls up and away to completely open the view or envelop you in privacy.


Benefits of Phantom Door Screens:

  • Can be installed on large porch and patio enclosures as well as your living room, kitchen, or bathroom doors
  • Fit virtually all types of doors with openings as large as 25’ wide and 16’ tall; two units may be used for extra-large spaces
  • Available in a variety of signature colours and mesh types to match your décor
  • Can be recessed or surface mounted
  • Press-button technology for complete screen retraction
  • Roll control option regulates the speed at which the screens open and close

Not sure which (remove “wooden”) screen doors will suit your home or cottage? We will be happy to come and discuss options with you. As authorized suppliers of Phantom and Centor, Muskoka Window and Door Centre offers the widest selection of products plus expert Cottage Country product knowledge and installation.

Professional Screen Door Installation Or Replacement


Workmanship quality impacts the operation and lifespan of your retractable screens remove “doors”. Our manufacturer-trained door installers ensure correct fit and installation, minimizing common operational issues and protecting your manufacturer warranties.


Visit our large showroom in Muskoka to view our extensive selection of Centor and Phantom screens and doors. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are happy to discuss your new construction or renovation project and help to find the best fit for your home or cottage.

In addition to our high-quality products, Expert Installation and exceptional service, you will also enjoy a unique 5-year warranty on your new retractable screen doors.

Consult us for stylish new sliding screen doors and patio screen door replacements that will enhance the look, value and functionality of your home or cottage.

Give the experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre a call today. T:705.645.3057  Toll Free:800.461.5495.

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Bring Nature Indoors With Large Opening Executive Roll Screens

Install High Quality Phantom Screens In Your Home And Cottage

With large opening executive roll screens, you can experience the beauty of nature from inside your cottage or home. These screens are a great alternative to the typical screened-in porch or Muskoka room which allow only half the view because they never open. A simple press of a button transforms the indoors into the outdoors. Create an insect free entertainment area or a relaxing oasis for the family. The Phantom screens available today blend seamlessly with your architecture and décor making them virtually invisible.

See the many benefits of having Phantom roll screens in your cottage or home:

  • Roll screens can be easily installed anywhere—for doors or windows in your sunroom, porch or patio, as well as recessed or surface mounted applications.
  • Custom solutions cater to any opening size and dimension (as large as 25’ wide and 16’ tall) that you might require.
  • You have the option of opening up your roll screens to expand your living space outdoors, or closing them for privacy whenever you want; unlike fixed screens which stay down all the time.
  • Enjoy fresh air along with solar and insect protection without having to compromise your
  • Manual or press-button motorized operation, you choose.

door screens

Find The Right Phantom Screens At Muskoka Window And Door Centre

Bring nature indoors, keep out the pests and glare with large opening executive roll screens that completely retract with one light touch. At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, our customers enjoy high quality Phantom screens that appear and disappear at your command. As an official supplier (and installer), we offer a range of options in sizing, colour, mesh and operational controls to suit your décor and convenience. Should you need assistance with selection, we are always ready to showcase the many impressive Phantom roll screen options available.

Peace Of Mind With Expert Roll Screen Installation Service

When you arrive to Muskoka Window and Door Centre, you can expect outstanding service and complete satisfaction. We take the time to listen and understand your needs, providing you with the effective solutions. You can also rely on our professional installers to ensure a perfect fit and problem-free operation. Our excellent workmanship ensures you enjoy your high-quality roll screens for years to come.

For more information on pricing and installation services for Phantom screens, give the experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre a call today. T: 705.645.3057 | Toll Free: 800.461.5495.

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