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What is the Procedure for Putting a Door Where a Window is?

It’s spring, which means many Muskoka homeowners are thinking about renovations. If you’re casting a creative eye over your cottage country property, you might be wondering just how to tackle the more complicated upgrades – like replacing a window with a door.


You might decide it’s time to turn your external window into a patio door, or you might want to freshen up a tired frame by replacing it with a stylish sliding door. Whatever the reason, this type of renovation is best done by a professional installer to ensure picture-perfect results and minimize the risk of accident and damage. An expert can also talk you through the structural issues involved and let you know which, if any, permits you need for the project. 


Step one: Do your homework

While converting a window is easier than creating a new door from scratch, there are still many things to consider with this home improvement project. 

Always check local bylaws first to see what permits you may need. These are easily accessible from the Muskoka district website and strictly enforced so homeowners ignore them at their peril. 

Secondly, consider the space – is there wiring where you want to renovate? Are there any structural weak spots? What size is the opening and will it need adjusting to fit your dream door?

It’s helpful to choose a wide window for your replacement as this gives you more room to work with, and makes it easier to fit double doors, sliding doors, or decorative frames for a single door.


Step two: Choose your door

Once you’ve got your permits and selected the ideal window opening, you can choose almost any door for your project. Conversions can be done for double, single, or sliding doors. They can also be adjusted for custom-made doors if you’ve a specific design in mind and installed with many different styles of frames. A professional installer can help you decide what style, shape, and design would work best for your space. Bear in mind that custom orders take longer than standard designs, so you may adjust your renovation timeline accordingly.


Step three: Installation

Removing a window involves cutting through the siding around the window before removing the rest of the siding, insulation, window frame, and pane. The door and its hardware is then safely slotted into the opening. 

Again, this is a job for professionals. An experienced contractor will ensure your door is properly fitted, insulated, and sealed so you don’t run into structural issues down the road. 


Muskoka Window and Door Centre is the premier provider of window and door installation services in cottage country. Family-owned and operated, we’ve been helping local homeowners from Bracebridge to Huntsville upgrade and maintain their properties for over 30 years. Our team works with leading North American manufacturers to offer the most current styles and features on the market and all our installations come with a 5-year workmanship and materials warranty. Contact us today to book your home improvement job and get a jump on summer reno season.

Sliding Glass Doors: Your Next Cottage Upgrade

The doors in your home or cottage play a huge role in the level of enjoyment you’re able to get out of the gorgeous Muskoka scenery. If you’ve been noticing that your squeaky old screen door just isn’t cutting it anymore or that you’re not quite getting the most out of your view, it might be time to consider upgrading to sliding glass doors.


Sliding doors are a sleek, stylish and practical way to maximize your view of the outside world without compromising your own comfort. They offer a timeless aesthetic appeal that will never risk going out of style, and increase the amount of light allowed into your home.


The benefits of sliding glass doors

Aside from giving your cottage some much-needed functionality, natural light and unlocking beautiful new views of the breathtaking Muskoka scenery, sliding glass doors offer an aesthetic appeal which will never go out of style. Sliding glass doors have been a staple in contemporary home design for years now, with almost no risk of their popularity fading over time. Sliding doors make accessing the outdoors incredibly easy, opening up your cottage to the patio or backyard, connecting your kitchen to your outdoor cooking area, and allowing you to entertain guests indoors or outdoors in a single motion.


A dramatic improvement in air circulation and ventilation is also offered by sliding doors, letting you cool down your home on breezy summer days or keep the chilly weather outdoors in the fall and winter months. Sliding doors are an energy efficient alternative to traditional doors, lowering your utility bills all year round and keeping you and your loved ones comfortable.


The most popular sliding glass doors to maximize your view all year long

We’re very lucky to have been able to work with some of the industry’s biggest and best names, allowing our window and door installation experts to get a good feel for what the absolute highest quality sliding glass doors are, and how well they’ll fit your unique personal needs. Some of the sliding doors featured in our showroom include:


Western Window Systems’ sliding glass doors, featuring a unique single track system which allows for smooth and seamless operation, the ability to have up to four stackable panels to fit a variety of sizes and openings, a low maintenance aluminum design, and the option to choose a thermally broken aluminum design, perfect for withstanding the harsh Muskoka winter season.


The XO Sliding Door by Centor, offering Muskoka cottage owners a grand and elegant gateway to the outdoors. Centor’s sliding door systems feature a sleek, slim wood interior with a low-maintenance aluminum exterior so you can spend more time appreciating the world around you. The XO Sliding Door features seamless gliding operation and a sliding track nearly flush with the floor, keeping accidents to an absolute minimum and putting all the focus on your view.


For an extra large view of your surroundings, Bigfoot offers functional and stylish sliding doors with an insulated aluminum design, seamless lift-and-slide system for smooth operation, and so much more. Bigfoot’s sliding doors are manufactured with harsh weather in mind, built to withstand the nastiest Muskoka winters and the harshest summer weather. These windows are water tight, can reduce sound, and are available in a gorgeous panorama design for cottage owners looking for a floor-to-ceiling door system to knock your socks off.


The showroom at Muskoka Window and Door Centre is home to some of the best sliding glass door systems on the market, and our team is well-versed in what doors will meet the unique needs and budgets of all Muskoka home and cottage owners. To find out more about our full lineup of sliding glass doors, get in touch with us today.

How to Make Your Muskoka Cottage Windows Safer for Birds

A cottage on the lake may be perfect for you, with bright sunlight pouring through your windows and stunning views. But even the most picturesque surroundings can be unideal habitats and downright dangerous for birds if your cottage’s windows are not bird-safe. Add in the recent trend towards larger windows which may even extend to architectural glass walls, and you have a potential hazard for your avian neighbours. To ensure your cottage and its windows are safe for birds, it’s important to recognize the risks and make some modifications where necessary. But don’t worry – it’s actually very easy to make your cottage bird-safe. 

Understand the Risks
According to a study done by the American Ornithological Society and published in the Condor, on average, at least 150 million birds die every year in the United States due to collisions with windows. You must first understand what could present risks to the birds populating the area. While bird feeders, plants, and trees are excellent ways to provide a welcoming environment for birds, they can also create a hazardous area if not prepared correctly. 

A study done by Justine Kummer, a former University of Alberta researcher, found that most fatal collisions for birds occurred in rural yards that had trees and bird feeders – just like many cottages and homes in Muskoka. So how can you make your cottage windows bird-safe?

Find the Dangers
Take a walk around your cottage and try to identify windows that present the clearest reflection. Those will be the windows which are the most important to make bird-safe. According to Joanna Eckles, a coordinator for Project Birdsafe, the sky’s reflection in a window can be incredibly dangerous for an oncoming bird: “If they’re flying straight towards a glass window, they won’t see it. Ever. What they see are the reflections of habitat or sky, things they know and need.”

Similarly, it can be helpful to reassess the placement of bird feeders on your property. While hanging them close to your cottage can be tempting, it’s the most dangerous place for birds. Bird feeders hanging too close to windows will force them to fly close and approach at a dangerous speed.

After identifying potential dangers, it’s time to make your cottage windows bird-safe. 

Make the Necessary Changes
There are three common options to make simple changes and ensure the safety of birds around your cottage. The first is to install an exterior screen to reduce the reflection coming off the window. There are different types of screens and netting made specifically with the safety of birds in mind if that’s the avenue you choose. Most windows already have screens, but if the window does not it’s a good first step. If it is inconvenient to install an exterior screen, move on to the next steps.  

A series of strings or ribbons hung vertically can be a simple way to distort the reflection coming off the window. Not only will it dissuade birds from approaching at a high rate of speed, but they can be moved to other potentially less dangerous windows.

The third option has a similarly minimal impact on your windows, with the choice of translucent tape or reflective decals. Both options will help stop birds from seeing unobstructed reflections of the sky and as a result, remain safe.   

As for bird feeders, the Audubon Society, the famous bird conservation group, makes two recommendations for bird feeder placement. Place bird feeders within three feet of the nearest window to stop birds from hurting themselves upon liftoff, or place them 30 feet or more away from the nearest window to provide plenty of space to take off.Muskoka Window and Door Centre is here to do all kinds of jobs from installing screens on your windows to completely replacing your old windows and doors. Contact us for a quote today on whatever your job happens to be.

Should I Use Window Film for My Old Windows This Winter?

You may find yourself feeling a breeze or a little too much cool air during the cold fall and winter months. But you may not have the time or money to get old, drafty windows replaced right away. Using insulating window film can be a helpful stopgap solution. 

Not only does insulating window film keep the warm air in, but it provides savings on energy and heating costs. According to Energy Star, a program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using window film to seal drafts or leaks can save an average of 15% on heating costs and an average of 11% on energy costs. 

Before starting the process of installing an insulating window film, you must first find out just where the leaks and drafts are coming from. Energy Star provides a number of different things that could be a sign of leaks; windows rattling in the wind, gaps around the trim of a window or door, pests or dust entering through specific gaps around a window or door, and paint peeling from a window or door frame. 

If any of these signs lead you to believe you are dealing with a drafty window or door, there are a couple of methods to test where exactly it’s coming from. 

– Try closing your door or window on something thin like a piece of paper. If it is able to be moved with ease, then the window or door is not properly secure. 

– Light a candle or incense and hold it up toward the window. If the smoke floats in one direction or the other, that’s a good indication of a leak. 

It’s important to install window film properly 

Once you have discovered just where the leak or draft is coming from, it’s important to properly install the insulating window film in order to get the benefits of doing so. Energy Star recommends shrink-wrapping the plastic window film by using a source of heat, such as a space heater or hairdryer, during the installation process. 

It is easy to see why insulating window film can be an appealing solution to cold drafts. It can reduce drafts and help you save on heating costs until you are ready for replacements. That way, your cottage will warm up faster if you want to drive up for a weekend here and there or over a long weekend. However, for all the short-term benefits that window film can provide, it is only that: a short-term solution. 

If you are considering using insulating window film because you don’t think anyone in Muskoka replaces windows in winter, think again. We do, and it’s probably more affordable than you think. In fact, winter and early spring are the best times to book your job because we can book it usually within a couple of weeks of your order, depending on whether or not you’re having custom windows made (that can take 2-6 weeks). When it’s time for the long-term solution of properly replacing your drafty windows, Muskoka Window and Door is there for you, even during those cold winter months.

How Changes To The Ontario Building Code Impact Window Installation And Renovation

As of January 1, 2017, a new window building code brings significant changes to window installations and renovations in Ontario. More insulation, improvements to the efficiency of furnaces and hot water tanks as well as ‘better windows’ are expected to increase the energy efficiency of new homes and cottages by 15% and large buildings by 13%. The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing estimates that the new standards will make houses built this year 50% more energy efficient than a home constructed in 2005. For renovations, the code changes only affect any additions that you might make to your cottage or home.

muskoka window and door replacing windows

Why the emphasis on windows? According to Natural Resources Canada, windows can account for up to 25% of the total heat loss in a home, with air entering through cracks and crevices around them driving up your energy consumption. Energy-efficient windows provide better insulation, reducing heat loss or gain and lowering your energy bills.

If you require new windows and installation, or are planning an addition to your cottage, familiarise yourself with the window building code changes. Our experts have provided an overview of some important amendments below.

Important changes in door and window building code

  • Basement windows do not need to be rated
  • West and east-facing windows can have lower ratings which allows for the remaining to have a higher rating.
  • One exterior door does not have to meet the minimum rating
  • Door leading from a non-heated space to a heated space (or vice versa) must have an insulated core with a weather strip.
  • Windows and doors have two ways to qualify for energy efficiency, using either the ER (higher # is better) and/or U value (lower number is better)
  • Do not remove labels until after inspection
  • Window area rules
    • Includes skylights
    • Measure at RSO (rough opening for a window or door)

Note: Zone 1 includes most of Southern Ontario while Zone 2 covers the area north of Huntsville.

Trusted Window Renovations And Replacements, Consult Our Experts


Window And Door Renovation

The experienced installers at Muskoka Window and Door Centre stay up-to-date on building codes ensuring safe and efficient completion of projects in your new home or cottage. Expert installation and a unique 5-year warranty on your new windows and doors protect your investment and assure you of our workmanship quality.

Planning window renovations? As official suppliers for leading manufacturers, we offer access to the best replacement windows in the country. Our installers know exactly how to measure for replacement windows, minimizing common operational issues and air leaks which tend to drive up your energy bills. Incorrect or unprofessional installation will void most warrantees, so partnering with Muskoka Window And Door Centre from product purchase through installation is a key feature of customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Window Replacement in Muskoka

Visit our showroom to view an extensive selection of the best quality windows and doors. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is happy to discuss your new construction or renovation project and help find the best fit for your home or cottage.

You can count on us for window renovation and installation services that will enhance your curb (and lake) appeal and importantly, the value of your property.

Give the experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre a call today. T: 705.645.3057 | Toll Free: 800.461.5495.

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Andersen E-Series Windows And Doors – Our Best Seller

Why? Read On!

Andersen E-series windows and doors offer you the unique opportunity to create the home of your dreams. The biggest variety of options in interior and exterior colours, a choice of exotic woods, dynamic shapes and unique sizes have made this line of windows and doors a hot favourite with hundreds of home and cottage owners. Read why it is our best seller at Muskoka Window and Door Centre.


e series

Advantages Of Andersen E-Series Windows And Doors:
  • Vast selection: From double-hung, awning (or push out awning), casement (plus French casement or push out casement), gliding and specialty windows to hinged, gliding and French gliding patio doors E-Series makes it is easy to find the style of your choice.
  • Long-lasting aluminum clad wood: An extruded aluminum clad sash and frame protects your beautiful Andersen E-series wood windows from the elements, abrasion and impact. An ideal choice for waterfront properties which constantly battle wind, rain and lake-effect spray. Your windows will look good in all seasons and last for years.
  • Dramatic shapes: Elegant arches, striking angle or compelling curve—you have a choice of several unusual shapes to distinguish your home while maximizing your view and curb appeal.
  • Custom sizes: In addition to having the freedom to combine any style or shape, you are not restricted by size either. You can custom order any size for an Andersen E-Series door or window.
  • Unlimited colour choices: E-Series offers a choice of 50 exterior standard colours plus custom colour matching. You could design two, three and four-tone exteriors, from fire engine red to forest green and stormy blue—you can have any colour you want.
  • Interior wood finish options: E-Series has one of the most varied selections of interior wood finishes ranging from white and birch bark to honey, cinnamon and espresso. You also have the option of custom staining window and door interiors to match your décor.
  • Range of glass options: You can choose from a stunning selection of glass (bevelled, frosted, coloured, textured, etc.) and divided lights. You can also design your own glass and light style and size.
  • Finest hardware: Strong but finely-crafted window and door hardware adds an elegant touch to your home or cottage interior.
  • E-Series windows and doors come with a wide selection of insect screens including wooden, prefinished and retractable options that blend seamlessly. Andersen’s Industry Leading Tru-Scene window screens are the most transparent screens available in the industry. You can also opt for blinds or shades that are convenient, protect your privacy and reduce your cleaning time.
  • Increased security and energy efficiency: Patented VeriLock® sensors indicate whether your windows and patio doors are open as well as if they are locked or unlocked, thus providing you with optimal security and energy efficiency. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Andersen Corporation with a 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Product Brand Owner Award for its outstanding, energy-efficient products and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Exceptional value: With windows and doors being a major home investment, you want to select a manufacturer you can trust. Andersen’s high-performing products are supported by exceptional service and last for years. Aesthetics, quality and durability make this brand a preferred choice of homeowners, builders and architects.

solid wooden door


Professional Installation Of Andersen E-Series Windows And Doors


As an official supplier of Andersen E-Series windows & doors, you can expect exceptional service at Muskoka Window and Door Centre. Expert installation backed by a unique 5-year warranty on your new windows and doors will safeguard your investment and assure you of our workmanship quality. Our manufacturer-trained installers ensure correct fit and installation, minimizing common operational issues and protecting your manufacturer warranties.


Visit our large showroom to view an extensive selection of Andersen E-series doors and windows. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is happy to discuss your new construction or renovation project and help to find the best fit for your home or cottage.

You can count on us for windows and doors that will enhance the curb appeal and value of your property.

Give the experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre a call today. T: 705.645.3057 | Toll Free: 800.461.5495.

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Start Saving Energy Right Away With Winter Window Replacement

Expert Installation By Muskoka’s Most Trusted Window And Door Company

In our experience, around 30% of energy loss can be attributed to old windows in many Muskoka homes. If your windows are not opening and closing properly, showing signs of rot, or have moisture buildup, these are clear indications that they need to be replaced. The drafts, hot and cold spots you feel are make your heating and cooling systems work longer and harder driving up your energy bills, which today is more important and relevant than ever.

If you are wondering when the best time is to replace your windows, we advise that you get it done as soon as possible. Why? The energy savings are virtually immediate and will continue long after your investment is made on your beautiful new energy-efficient windows. While it might not be on your radar, this winter is an excellent time to enhance your heat protection efficiency.

At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, we have a wide range of products to suit the design, style and requirements of your home or cottage. As one of the most trusted window and door companies in Ontario, you can count on our professional, experienced staff to help you find and install the right window replacement products for your property.

Before And After Use Of Thermal Imaging Technology Confirms Your Window Replacement Energy Savings

We are one of the few window and door companies to offer a Thermal Imaging service. This is an advanced technique that measures the energy efficiency of your home. A totally non-invasive process, it makes use of a sophisticated lens with an infrared detector to check for air leaks and drafts.

Customers that opt for this service can see the measurable difference their new windows have made. Our expert installers perform the scans both before and after Window Replacement, thus, making clear the energy savings your investment has begun to realize.

Plan Your Window Replacement Project Now


Start planning your window replacement project now, so that installation can be completed this winter. At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, our customers are treated to first class products with Expert Installation and exceptional service. As authorized distributors of well-known manufacturers, we provide a wide choice of the latest and best windows and doors. Our skilled installers work efficiently and safely, with minimum intrusion or disruption to your activities. We treat your home or cottage like ours!

Being manufacturer-trained, our Window Replacement team ensures proper fit and calibration; eliminating common operational issues, helping you optimize the lifespan of your investment. For your complete peace of mind, we provide a unique 5-year warranty on all new installations. A proven record of doing our work correctly the first time guarantees your complete satisfaction. You can rely on us for window systems that enhance your curb appeal and comfort while providing you with substantial energy savings every year.

Give the experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre a call today. T: 705.645.3057 | Toll Free: 800.461.5495.

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Decisions When Building New Or Working On A Major Renovation

When quality matters partnering with a window and door company will make a huge difference to your design looks – inside and out – your energy consumption, and the life of the products you choose – all of which may impact your budget – but will offer lasting peace of mind and the quality and significance of the various views and looks of your cottage home.

When Investing in New Windows and Doors you will want to Investigate:

  • key features and benefits of the type and style of the products you choose.
  • What is involved in the installation process? How important is it that your window and door supplier are experts in the timely installation of the products based on what is often a moving target of building completion dates? What is actually included in the installation process? Your builder or general contractor will require expert installation for the simple reason that warrantees are voided if installs are not professionally done. Muskoka Window & Door Centre installers are all professionally ‘supplier trained’ by our partners. We know cottage country and the many pitfalls involved in building new and structural renovations.
    In short – timing can be a deal breaker. While the investment you are considering is significant, it is an over sight to cut budgets on windows and or doors, which, in the long run provides huge energy savings and the various views that you will enjoy looking out, on your special landscape. Knowing that you are working with a neighbouring company that has local cottage country experience, is a significant factor. Don’t be fooled. All of our installers are full time employees who are specially trained to finish your home or cottage to exacting standards.
  • Quality products – through our 35 years specializing in the Window and Door business, we have developed specialized partnerships with suppliers that we can count on to deliver products we can recommend to a range of budgets and quality.  Consider that five to ten to fifteen years hence, you’ll still enjoy the decisions made together based on the options, final designs, and operating products chosen. In short, all of our partner/ suppliers have time-tested warrantees that will give you peace of mind when such a significant part of your build budget is involved.
Builder / Architect / Contractor Relations

Often the relationship with your builder, architect, or general contractor and your Window/Door supplier is an over looked consideration in the planning of a new build or a renovation. We work closely with many builders, design specialists, and contractors who are familiar with our specialized scope of product offerings and installation procedures. Introducing your building partner to us can save time and even budget in this process. Whether investing directly with us, showing us your plans or having your professionals contact us, it is still a very good idea to visit our showroom to see and operate the various products we offer. This is time extremely well invested, that will pay dividends long after your build is complete and you are looking out on your lake, river or stand of trees. One of our many commitments to you is to simplify this process for you.

Our Partners

We do have options, and on occasion, these options can be somewhat overwhelming. By visiting our showroom in Muskoka, an appointment with our experts can save you time, because we can help ‘drill down’on the basics of your style and design wants and needs. We’ll also demonstrate the operation of the various windows available today. You’ll be somewhat surprised and amazed to see the new technologies available today, especially in the large category door openings, and new security feature offerings.

Randy Hodges:“When building new or doing a major renovation, you’ll want a good selection of quality options to make an informed decision. At Muskoka Window And Door Centre, we listen to what qualities are important to you and we’ll provide the best solutions for your project.”

Our key suppliers are listed here. We have invested a great deal of time and resources to be able to give you information on our various partners. Feel free to browse the Supplier Section of our site by clicking on any of these partners: Andersen, Synergy, Western, Ostaco, Dashwood and EuroVinyl.

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Replace Old Cottage Screen Enclosures With The Weatherwall


“It’s time to stop covering up those old screen enclosures in your porch or Muskoka room with heavy plastic or ugly shutters every time the season changes”, says Randy Hodges at Muskoka Window and Door Centre. “When you invest in Weatherwall window systems, you will enjoy unobstructed views with maximum ventilation and protection from the elements at your fingertips. There’s no need to install Plexiglas. Realizing the benefits of Weatherwall, many home and cottage owners have asked our expert installers to help them upgrade to this convenient and smart-looking window system”.

Advantages Of A Weatherwall Screen Enclosure:

  • It converts easily from a screen to a weatherproof haven (and vice-versa) at the press of a button. The four-track system, consisting of four panels nestled one behind the other and each in its own track, can be pushed all the way to the top, down to the bottom or in the middle—just the way you want.
  • It is customized to fit the unique dimensions of your window or door openings; high ceilings and extra-wide or tall windows and doors are no problem at all. You also have a choice of four colours for the window frames with an option of clear or tinted glass (in bronze or Muskoka blue).
  • Weatherwall can be installed almost anywhere—in porches, sunrooms, balconies, vestibules, gazebos, cabanas, or even a mobile home.
  • Its heavy-duty construction withstands normal wear and tear to deliver years of trouble-free service.
  • The elasto-vinyl window glazing withstands any challenge and returns to shape if pushed or stretched.
  • It’s easy to maintain and can also be removed for cleaning.
  • An extended 10-year warranty provides you with complete peace of mind.

Weatherall window screens

Don’t Be Fooled By Weatherwall Imitations!

The popularity of Weatherwall window systems has resulted in imitations flooding the market and creating plenty of problems for unsuspecting consumers. The three most common ones being:

  • Challenges with installation and removal because panels have exposed spring tension only on one side
  • Window vents slipping down and falling out of the tracks as a result of poorly-constructed frames and inferior-quality jams that warp
  • Difficulty with cleaning as the plastic track chips or bends

If you are looking to create a sunroom or enjoy beautiful Muskoka views all year round, we are happy to help. As an official supplier, we provide you with direct access to original Weatherwall screen enclosures and window systems. Visit us atMuskoka Window and Door Centre to evaluate your options. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always happy and willing to help.

weatherall screens with hot tub

Enjoy A 5-Year Warranty On Your New Weatherwall Window Systems

At Muskoka Window and Door Centre, our customers are treated to premium products with expert installation and exceptional service. Our manufacturer-trained installers ensure proper fit and calibration of your Weatherwall screen enclosures, eliminating common operational issues and helping you optimize the lifespan of your investment. Whether you need a new installation or a window replacement, we get the job done correctly and efficiently. You can count on us for window systems that look great, perform seamlessly and last for years. For your complete peace of mind, we provide a unique 5-year warranty on new installations.

Give the experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre a call today.T: 705.645.3057 |Toll Free: 800.461.5495.

“Our Business is Satisfied Customers”

Expert Installation By Muskoka Window And Door Centre

Premium Products And Service For Your Home And Cottage

Door and window installation is a highly specialized job. Many common performance issues are caused by improper sizing and faulty installations. In addition to selecting a quality product from a trusted manufacturer, always ensure that your installers have the right training and experience. It will help secure a longer lifespan for your investment.

Advantages Of Skilled Door And Window Installation
  • Saves time and money: Trained professionals are more efficient and install doors and windows quicker. This helps builders, architects and homeowners complete projects on schedule. Reduced installation time also means lower cost.
  • Fewer performance issues: Installation quality not only impacts performance but the lifespan of your windows and doors as well. This begins with correct sizing and fit. Proper alignment of your new doors or window replacements, ensures they operate seamlessly now and in the years to come. Qualified installers will make sure that your doors and windows fit right, stay secure and are properly sealed. This helps avoid injuries and product damage as well as improves energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Detailed attention, like concealing fasteners and screws makes your windows and doors look good inside and out.
  • Avoids leaks and property damage: Inexperienced and incorrect installation is among the main reasons for leaking doors and windows. This reduces the lifespan of your products and can cause substantial damage to your beautiful wood or carpeted floors. Floor replacement expenses aside, you are also faced with the risk of mold and the additional cost of getting rid of this health hazard.
  • Protects your warranties: Using the wrong products can damage your new doors and windows, and nullifies their warranties. One of the most common examples is misuse of low expansion foam products resulting from the lack of knowledge on the part of homeowners and contractors. Manufacturer-trained technicians at Muskoka Window and Door Centre will prevent these unnecessary complications.
Why Hire Muskoka Window And Door Centre For New Installation And Replacement

andersen window renovation

The installation team at Muskoka Window and Door Centre is manufacturer-trained to ensure precision perfect installs for your cottage or home. Intensive onsite training familiarizes us with how the products are manufactured and the finer nuances of the installation program. Our technicians are also engaged in continuous education to be updated on the latest technology. How does this benefit you as our customer?

Professional installation and finish enhances product lifespan

“When we are doing a replacement installation on a cottage or home, our team of specialists are experts at caulking all the products we sell.  This may not seem a significant item, but when you see a poor job, it stand out like a sore thumb, and often that installation will not last.  The product will leak air or water.  Our experts will not allow that to happen,” assures Rob Kennedy

Saves thousands of dollars in repair and replacement

“Often, when we are called in to replace and repair a poor install, we find patio doors not leveled, or the head of the door has been ‘over foamed’.  The foam expands and the door is crushed. No surprise that the door will not slide. Sounds simple, but it is this type of experience that can save thousands of dollars,” adds Rob.

Reduces common performance issues

ostaco window installation

“Smart home tech has evolved into our business.  We have many new and innovative products such as motorized drop down windows, doors with concealed screens built right into them and wireless sensors for security locks.  These are great examples of why you want experts installing these products.  Not only must they look perfect from inside and out, within the architecture of your building, but they must operate with ease, smoothly and efficiently,” Rob explains further.

Enhances customer confidence and peace of mind

“Our suppliers also invest in our people every year to ensure we know exactly what is involved with installation procedures.  You might be surprised how critical it is for the products to arrive at the site at the right time, with our crew arranging a complex install high up on a granite face, or within a heavily treed lot.  Make no mistake, experience matters. This is a key reason whycottage country builders, contractors and architects count on us.  It’s very difficult to put a price on that confidence and comfort knowing that what we install is going to endure the Canadian climate. It’s a generational experience.  We have almost thirty years of satisfied customers to generate that confidence,” says Jeff Hodges.

Our business is satisfied customers

“This is a significant investment that we make in our people. Products are changing, with more sophisticated technology and component parts, our installation team members must be on the leading edge of installation techniques.  One aspect of our business is selling windows and doors, but professional,expert installation is crucial to the completion of the work.  Our business is satisfied customers,” says Randy Hodges.

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A unique 5-year warranty on new door and window installation demonstrates exceptional customer service and the confidence we have in our workmanship quality.

For new installations, or door and window replacement, give the experts at Muskoka Window and Door Centre a call today. T: 705.645.3057 | Toll Free: 800.461.5495.

“Our Business is Satisfied Customers”

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