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Hinged Doors

The most traditional style of entry door, hinged doors can be installed as single or double doors, and can swing towards the inside or outside of your home. You can choose between doors which open 90 degrees or 180 degrees, depending on your preference. With a wide range of product lines and manufacturers available, hinged doors have a variety of panel styles, hardware, and screen options to choose from.

Gliding / Sliding Doors

Save valuable space with gliding doors, which provide access and ventilation without swinging out and taking up room. Gliding door panels run along a raised track within the thickness of your wall, getting you the most out of your beautiful lakeside view. Our gliding doors are available in two to four-panel options that can accommodate spaces up to 16’ wide and 10’ tall. Choose from a wide range of options, including traditional narrow sight lines or classic French style doors with a wood interior finish. Some manufacturers such as Euro Vinyl offer sound dampening – greatly improving the quality of your naps when the kids are playing outside.

Bi-Folding Doors

Designed to enhance your indoor-outdoor living experience, bi-folding doors fold into each other and stack to the side – maximizing your interior living space giving you the maximum opening and an unobstructed view. With available integrated screens and blinds, these doors can offer insect protection when open and privacy when closed. Bi-folding doors are popular with architects and homeowners for their ability to dramatically expand living areas.

Lift and Slide Doors

Lift and Slide doors offer the ability to preserve wide, panoramic views with oversized panels. This European-style door allows easy lifting of panels and settles the panel down for an optimum weather seal, preserving your home’s energy efficiency. Some manufacturers allow for lift and slide doors to disappear into pockets in your wall when fully opened. We carry lift and slide doors from Ostaco, Synergy and Bigfoot.

Tilt and Turn Doors

Tilt and Turn doors open in two different ways – tilting and swinging in to open – to offer style and convenience. Engineered by Synergy or Euro Vinyl using tried and true German hardware, tilt and turn doors can be installed as a single door or as a wall of multiple doors. Multi-point locking hardware protects your property from high winds – making them ideal for boathouses or areas of the home with unsheltered exposure. Tilt and turn doors from Euro Vinyl or Synergy are available in a wide variety of wood finishes and feature the low maintenance advantage of a wood interior with aluminum cladding, while Euro Vinyl offers more contemporary styles.

Multi-Slide Doors

Multi-slide doors give you the option of using many panels to cover large openings. These doors can be used in both contemporary and rustic designs, acting as a removable barrier between interior comfort and outdoor living. With a virtually unlimited number of panels, flat wall openings and 90 degree corner units that appear to defy gravity, the possibilities of multi-slide doors are endless.


Centor offers the world’s first fully integrated door system featuring a hidden screen and blind option that provides true inside-outside living without compromising security. Centor Integrated Doors feature seamless operation and clean lines that deliver their hidden hardware to accommodate your unobstructed view. Centor’s robust bi-folding and sliding door systems will provide you with a large opening and protection from the elements.

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