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Should I Replace Windows Before Winter?

The cold winter months are on their way, forcing Muskoka cottage owners to consider whether they should replace their windows before winter arrives in cottage country. Replacing windows during the winter is possible, but is obviously easier in the fall. And if you wait until spring, installation slots get booked quickly.

Install windows as soon as possible for immediate results
It’s a good idea to plan your window installation before the cold weather and snow arrive. There’s a chance that your old Muskoka windows aren’t performing as well as they once did, letting in drafts, moisture, and affecting your overall comfort. New energy-efficient windows will save you the most money in the winter, so starting now ensures you get the best use out of your windows.

New windows will make your home or cottage more comfortable by regulating the temperature inside, keeping it nice and toasty inside the house during the colder months. New windows will also protect your home against drafts, which saves you in energy bills because your furnace won’t be running as frequently. Taking a proactive approach to having your new windows installed will ensure your comfort throughout the winter, and help you save big on heating costs.

Other complications involved with winter installations
While installation experts take care to reduce energy loss when installing new windows in the winter, some energy loss will still occur. This happens when old windows are removed in order to make room for the new window being installed.

To reduce energy loss, many window and door installers will do their best to install one window at a time. They will take measures like closing doors in the room where work is being done and closing off adjacent areas.

Winter installations will also require you to clear the area around windows, ensuring that snow and other debris won’t get in the way of your installation professional. This means taking the time to shovel snow away from your house, requiring much more effort than simply clearing debris from around your windows.

Winter installations are still possible
If you don’t have the time to book your installation prior to the winter season, or discover that your windows need to be replaced mid-winter, worry not – window installations are possible throughout the winter.

Understand that winter isn’t the ideal season for window installation, and that your contractor makes take additional time in order to get the job done correctly. Inclement weather is more common during the winter, so this may also pose complications during winter window replacement projects. Installation experts will do their best to reduce energy loss from your home, and finish the job as quickly as possible given the circumstances. While winter window replacement isn’t ideal, it’s far from impossible.

If you’re in the market for new windows, get in touch with the team at Muskoka Window and Door Centre as soon as possible to ensure pre-winter service from the team that is best at Muskoka window installation. The experienced team at Muskoka Window and Door Centre make replacing your windows easy with expert consultation and superior product knowledge. For more information about Muskoka Window and Door Centre’s unparalleled line of window and door products, visit our website or contact us today to get a free estimate.

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